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Summer 2021 - Member FAQs


Will the Swim Club be open for the 2021 season?

At this time the board is committed to an on-time opening of the Swim Club for the 2021 season. Work is underway on facility improvements, staffing, and off-season operational tasks in preparation for a full season. If there is any change to this direction, we will do our best to communicate out to the entire membership in a timely manner. 

Will there be capacity restrictions, and will wristbands be required?

This is dependent on direction from the Health Department. If capacity restrictions are enforced, then the wristband system will be utilized during periods of high attendance.

Will there be a Swim Team?

The club presidents of the Summer Independent Swim League (SISL) have confirmed their commitment to a 2021 competition schedule and league meet. Some modifications to the standard dual meet and league meet format are expected in order to accommodate anticipated capacity restrictions. The exact details of those changes will be shared as soon as possible. In the interim we are excited to offer a swim team practice program and competition schedule for the upcoming season.  

Will there be any parties and social events at the club this season?

We hope so. But like many things this is dependent on guidance from the Health Department. Preparations will be made for a full social schedule and we will make adjustments as necessary.


Will guests be allowed?

The board is preparing for the upcoming season with the assumption that guests will be allowed and encouraged. The restrictions around guests last year were difficult but necessary. However, we now know how to effectively operate within health and capacity restrictions, and feel guests can be safely accommodated this season. Some limitations on guest count and/or allowed guest hours may be required and will be evaluated based on regulatory directions at that time.

Will members have access to the locker rooms, pavilion, and chairs this season?

The board is preparing with an assumption of full access to all facilities and resources for 2021. The exact configuration and limitations will be based on Health Department guidelines at the start (and throughout) the season. 


Have any improvements been made to the club during this off-season?

Several improvements are being made over the off-season to improve the experience and safety of our members. Examples include:  safety railing installation, concrete repair, retaining wall replacement, chlorine system upgrade, ice cream freezer replacement, etc.

Will there be a change in the annual membership fees?

There will be a small increase of $20 per membership for the upcoming season. This applies to both family and senior memberships.  

Online payment of membership dues is strongly encouraged. All fess associated with electronic/online payment will be eliminated for this season. Due to the additional time and handling required to process checks the board is encouraging the use of online payment and anticipate 2021 to be the last season where payment of membership dues by check is accepted.

Will cash be accepted?

No cash will be accepted. This includes the Snack Shack and guest admissions (subject to health department guidelines).

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